About runSArun

runSArun was set up in April 2013 by Matt Evans, a local South Australian athlete, to bring together all running races and events from similar disciplines, such as race walking, multisport and orienteering, into a single, comprehensive calendar for all South Australian runners and athletes to use.

The idea was developed to solve two main problems he identified.

Firstly, when planning races that he and his kids wanted to do through a season he was fed up of having to search across different club and association websites and build up his own calendar of events. If he was doing this, he was sure that this was also a frustration for other athletes.

Secondly, he often found himself talking to colleagues at work or socially at other events about races that he had competed in or was planning to do, only to be greeted with responses such as "I didn't know that was on." or "Where do you find out about these events?"

There are many fantastic events around Adelaide & country SA that do not get the number of participants they probably should. For example, the Athletics SA Track 10,000m Championships in November 2012 (an event open to all) had just 10 runners and 6 walkers, yet a total of 364 runners and walkers raced over the same distance at the Henley Classic only 11 days later. Similarly, the wonderfully friendly, well organised and FREE weekly Torrens 5K Park Run gets an average of 65 runners per week, compared to the 39,000 that charge down the Anzac Highway at City to Bay.

It is hoped that runSArun will become the first port of call for race information for SA athletes and that they find, compete at and enjoy events that they might not normally have come across.

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