SA Rogaining Association

Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation in which teams of two to five members visit hidden checkpoints within a defined time period. Teams travel entirely on foot, navigating by map and compass between checkpoints in terrain that varies from open farmland to hilly forest. A central base camp (the "Hash House") provides hot meals throughout the event and teams may return at any time to eat, rest or sleep. Teams travel at their own pace and anyone from children to grandparents can experience the personal satisfaction that comes from cross-country navigation at their own level of competition and comfort. One feature of rogaining is the opportunity for night navigation and the extra challenges that this involves. The classic rogaine is a 24 hour event, but there are also shorter events durations of 3, 4, 6 and 12 hours.

Events Calendar 2017


Sat 18/3/2017 SARA Twilight 4 Hour Rogaine SARA results 2017
Sat 8/4/2017 SARA 2 Hr MTB Velogaine SARA results 2017
SARA 4 Hr MTB Velogaine SARA results 2017
Sat 1/7/2017 SARA Winter 12 Hour Rogaine SARA results 2017
Sat 12/8/2017 SARA 6 Hour Bush Rogaine SARA results 2017
Sat 9/9/2017 SARA 24hr Rogaine & 12hr Roving - Depot Hill, Orroroo
Sat 4/11/2017 SARA 3 Hour Minigaine